The trends impacting the future of retailing

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The Future of Retail: 10 Trends of Tomorrow

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Retail Trends 2018

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The report covers 12 growing tech trends that JLL believes will have the largest impact on the future of retail, including evolution in payment technology, virtual reality, drones and more. CSP Daily News combed through the report to extract trends that are most likely to affect convenience stores.

Feb 15,  · The concept of future retail is constantly evolving. But what isn't evolving as quickly is the understanding and widespread experimentation to bring the future to life today.

InI was asked to assemble the trends that I felt were shaping the future of retail and what executives can do to compete immediately. Mapping the trends on a matrix—with level of predictability on one axis and potential consumer-sector impact on another—can give consumer companies a starting point for understanding which trends could have the greatest effect on their businesses (Exhibit 2).

Six technology trends that have implications for consumers and the businesses that serve them. New tech on the block: Planning for blockchain in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries Exploring the potential for blockchain technology to underpin a transformation in the retail and consumer packaged goods value chain.

This PRI Research Article examines the history of retail technology adoption in the U.S., emerging technology that is impacting retail today, and how retail store formats will change in the future and integrate various digital technologies.

Factors Affecting Future Trends in Retailing

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The trends impacting the future of retailing
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