The treatment of the elderly in the asian community

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Osteoporosis Treatment & Management

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Cultural Values of Asian Patients and Families

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The prevalence of obesity is increasing in all age groups. According to a census and the projection made by the United Nations ( revision), the elderly constitute % of the Indian population, and by all indications 21% of the Indian population will be 60 years and above by Home and Community-Based Services: Many Asian elderly are home bound and/or socially isolated.

More mental health services need to be made available in the home. Asian Health Services.


As the Asian population in Bergen County and the surrounding area continues to expand, Holy Name Medical Center is addressing the community's medical needs with the establishment of a new program, Asian Health Services. community affairs, how other family members treat them, how aging affects individuals of different gender, how ethnicity impacts on the aging process, and how the elderly themselves feel about retirement, later life, and human.

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Asian American Federation Census Information Center Profile of Asian American Seniors in the United States Population Growth and Distribution The Asian population age 65 and older rose from overto over million, an increase of 52 percent from torepresenting a major demographic shift in the community.1 The overall increase of.

The treatment of the elderly in the asian community
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