The rebel flag hate or heritage

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Heritage Or Hate: The Debate Around The Confederate Flag

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The Confederate Flag: Why “Heritage, Not Hate” Is Irrelevant

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The rebel flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and is in no way, shape, or form a symbol of racism and hatred. When the Confederate flag first came in to existence, it was used as a symbol of the thirteen states that broke away from the United States.

So, is the Confederate flag a symbol of heritage or one of hate? To begin with, the heritage argument for the Confederate flag makes perfect sense this coming from an African-American South Carolinian.

The Confederate flag has always been quick to create controversy. To some it represents oppression of a time long ago, to some it is the heritage and sacrifice of their ancestors, to some it. Heritage Hate? OR THE CONFEDERATE FLAG: TIMES PAST The recent murder of nine black people by a white supremacist has reignited a debate about Confederate symbols BY BRYAN BROWN rebel flag to be flown from the State House dome.

Officially, it was to observe the start of the Civil War years earlier. But. The Confederate Battle Flag: Heritage or Hate? A debate has long been raging in pockets of the South over what the Confederate battle flag symbolizes and whether it belongs in public spaces.

Do you think that the Confederate flag is heritage or hatred? It's an acceptance of reality. Slavery happened. Secession happened. The Confederate States of America existed. The Civil War happened. We need to face those truths as a nation.

Are Confederate Monuments Our Heritage or Symbols of Hate?

We cannot deny our history of we ever want to move on.

The rebel flag hate or heritage
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