The presence of americans in puerto rico during the early part of the 20th century

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American Latino Theme Study: Struggles for Inclusion

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Puerto Rico

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German immigration to Puerto Rico

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Essential Readings: Puerto Rican Contributions to 20th Century American Music

- Ended the Mexican American war in - Brought California, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona into the United States.

This, then, is a history of how residents of Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico entered the U.S. through wars of territorial expansion during the 19 th century. In the 20 th century, both Mexico and Cuba would experience major social revolutions that would propel their citizens to the U.S.

in search of liberty, refuge, and work. As a result of the growing exodus from Puerto Rico, prompted by the island’s reeling economy in the early 21st century, the number of persons of Puerto Rican birth or origin residing in the United States exceeded the size of the island’s population.

In the U.S. ended its military occupation of Puerto Rico and attempted to define the island’s position within the federal orbit. Beginning as H.R.a bill to apply U.S. customs and internal revenue laws in Puerto Rico, the Foraker Act was the first law to define Puerto Rico’s territorial status.

During the 20th century many Hispanic immigrants came to United States fleeing the poverty, violence, and dictatorial regimes of Latin America and emigrated mainly to Southwest, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida, although the Hispanics and Latinos emigrated through the country.

The presence of americans in puerto rico during the early part of the 20th century
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