The mysteries of the wright mounds

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Mound Builders

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A Portrait of an Adena Female and Women in Adena Society

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Bristol Dr., Iowa City, IA; The Bloomin' Iris Bed & Breakfast is located in a quiet residential neighborhood less than a mile from I. The namesake cultural trait of the Mound Builders was the building of mounds and other earthworks. These burial and ceremonial structures were typically flat-topped pyramids or platform mounds, flat-topped or rounded cones, elongated ridges, and sometimes a variety of other were generally built as part of complex villages.

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Mysterious and often inexplicable remnants of civilization's history fascinate scientists and archaeologists. People travel worldwide to visit such sites, yet some of the most enigmatic artifacts and structures have been found right here in North America.

The story of the Hav-musuvs just given seems to be a major “piece” of the overall UFO-Subsurface puzzle. Indeed it is a major confirmation of the theory which has been growing in acceptance in recent times that an extraterrestrial-Subterranean connection exists.

The mysteries of the wright mounds
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