The importance of being early in

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The Importance of Large Blood Pressure Cuffs

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The Importance Of Being On Time (and That Means 15 Minutes Early)

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The Importance of Being Early

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The Importance of Being Early and Thinking One Step Ahead

This is Pennsylvania’s early childhood source for professionals. The assumption that the penalty for being early is less than that for being late was put forward by Vickrey () who analyzed how commuters compare penalties in the form of schedule delay (due to peak hour congestion), against penalties in the form of reaching their destination (ahead or.

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Erika Christakis is an early childhood educator and school consultant.

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She was a faculty member at the Yale Child Study Center and is a Massachusetts-certified teacher (pre-K through second grade) and licensed preschool director.

The importance of being early in
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The Importance of Being Early