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The Erl King Analysis & Summary

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Links to the forest setting in other tales: a place of danger. Key quotation 2: The narrator realises what the Erl-King. "The Erl-King" or "The Alder King" ("Erlkönig" in German) is a German ballad written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in It tells the story of a father who is carrying his sick son, while riding homewards after dark on horseback.

8 The Erl-King From the German of Goethe. (The Erl-King is a goblin that haunts the Black Forest in Thuringia. — To be read by a candle particularly long in the snuff.) O, who rides by night thro’ the woodland so wild?

It is the fond father embracing his child;. The first time the Erl-king sings in measure 57, the galloping motive disappears.

However, when the Erlking sings again in measure 87, the piano accompaniment plays arpeggios rather than chords. "Erlkönig" has been transcribed for various settings: for solo piano by Franz Liszt ; for solo voice and orchestra by Hector Berlioz, Franz Liszt and Max Reger ; for solo violin by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst.

The Erl-King Character» The Erl-King appears in 2 issues. "King of the Fairies" known to entice children to agree to come away with him or take them by force if they don't.

The Erlking: The Story Behind the Title As I began work on the second book in my Mick Chandra mystery series, I knew that Mick and his partner, Elizabeth Chang, would be seconded to New Scotland Yard’s Pedophile Unit to aid in the investigation of a notorious north London-based pedophile ring — a ring that would be headed by someone who.

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