A comparison between the representation of religious ideas in the byzantine panel emperor justinian

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Bibliography of the History of Christianity

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Fantasy Counterpart Culture

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Justinian I

Justinian ruled from AD to but the culture and ideas of the Byzantine Empire moved to the Christian West, creating a new interest in classic Greek and Roman ideas, called the Renaissance.

a religion and empire that came in conflict with the Byzantines in the East and the barbarian.

Western sculpture - The Middle Ages: The Byzantine era really began with the transference of the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to the site of ancient Byzantium on the Bosporus in the year adthe new capital thereafter being called Constantinople, after its founder, the emperor Constantine I.

Constantine had 17 years earlier been responsible for recognizing Christianity, and from.

The Emperor Justinian hoped to restore the lost empire. The Arabs, under the new Islamic religion, conquered Byzantium’s eastern provinces but also Persia. Emphasizes the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism; Byzantium in the West.

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A comparison between the representation of religious ideas in the byzantine panel emperor justinian
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Bibliography of the History of Christianity